Thursday, April 22, 2010

Athina in Italy

While Iceland's volcanic ash grounded commercial flights across europe, even the queen of the modern-jet-set, Charlotte Casiraghi, waited for hours in a train station in Rome in order to get home to Paris -- or London via Paris. Charlotte and her boyfriend, the art patron and gallery owner Alex Dellal, had been visiting her brother Pierre. I wonder if they knew about the equestrian event in Pioletto. While the couple stood in the crowded station, their legs and backs becoming stiff, and tried to ignore the paparazzi, they might have been relaxing at the Club Ippico l'Elefantino. OK, maybe it wasn't a practical alternative. After all, it's a five- hour drive from Rome to the Milanese outskirts where the club is located. And if Charlotte had turned up at the Elefantino equestrian club to watch the likes of her casual buddy Athina Onassis de Miranda jump the fences, well... the paps would have followed her from Rome, probably, and the pictures of the two island-owning heiresses would have made the train-station photos bought by Zimbio seem cheap. Still, it may have been a fun and scenic excursion.

Indeed, while travelers in Europe were waiting in airports or rushing into train stations, wondering when they would get to their destinations, Athina was riding her horse Babouche and jumping the 1m35 fences. Of course, she also had her lucky charm, Welcome du Petit Vivier, and her champion, Tomboy, in the arena. Athina went to Pioltello (locale of the Elefantino Club) after spending the three weeks, from 17 March through 11 April, in the Toscana Tour at Arezzo.

This week Athina is competing in the City of Modena, about two hours SE from Milan. Next week she will go further south to the beautiful coastal San Giovanni in Marignano. And the week after that Athina and Doda will fly over to Valencia, Spain to inaugurate the 2010 Global Champions Tour!

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